Introducing a Marinade from Chungjungone

The Marinade from Chungjungone is a number one seller in Korea that allows customers to cook 'Bulgogi and Rib'
in a simple way while delivering the rich traditional taste from the past.

The Marinade makes it simple by having all the ingredients in one bottle, such as pear juice, Cheonju (refined rice wine) and soy sauce. You can enjoy your meal at home with the same great taste that you had at fine Korean restaurants.

Especially, the special method which has been continued from the technique of the nation's first patent in 1984 provides a taste that no other domestic product can deliver which tenderizes the meat using Korean Naju pear and Korean apple puree in the Marinade just as it was traditionally done.

ChungJungOne's Marinade is the number one sales product which Korean consumers chose the most in 2010 and is continuing in 2011. It has been selected as the state-authorized "Product to make Korea famous over the world in 2012" and has become a 'Globally used Marinade for Bulgogi and Rib' spreading out over the world.

ChungJungOne's Marinade is made with outstanding and smooth tasting Korean Naju pear and apple puree with 100% naturally ripened brewed soy sauce, red wine, Cheonju (Refined Rice Wine) and various vegetables to offer the best 'Bulgogi and Rib' cuisine of Korea within a few simple steps.